18 Apr

The shocking news of the shooting of a mom and abduction of her 3-day-old baby, has caused outrage around the world.  This is one of the most horrific crimes to hit Texas involving an infant in recent memory.

Police authorities reported that on Tuesday, 31-year-old registered nurse, Verna McClain shot and killed Kala Marie Golden as she left the doctor’s office.  A witness reported seeing a Lexus pull up next to a car and then a struggle between the two women, before McClain shot and killed the young mom.

CNN released insider information alleging the shooter had just had a miscarriage and needed a replacement.  She apparently was engaged to a man and planned to marry in May.  Since he had already been told she was pregnant, desperation set in and her plan to kidnap a baby was put in motion.

Another tragic and surprising fact is that she is already a mother of three children aged 6, 10 and 16.  It is also amazing that she believed she could pass a white baby as her own, since she is black.  Why would someone do something so horrible?  Was it post-traumatic stress syndrome or did she just snap?  Not sure, but what a complete waste of a life.

Well, she can expect to spend a lifetime behind bars, McClain is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Kala Marie Golden.  No jury will feel sorry for such a cold-blooded killer.  The infant son, Keegan Schuchardt, was later found and will be reunited with his dad.

According to the arrest record, McClain admitted to the shooting, but the actual reason has not yet been confirmed.  Lucky for the world, she is currently being held without bail…and for good reason.

What is wrong with people?  Please tell me a man is NOT worth killing an innocent mother and stealing a baby.  Deeply saddened for the baby, dad and family of Kala.


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