18 Apr

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest offered his condolences during the shows opening tonight, in reference to the passing of Dick Clark.  He was clearly saddened by the loss of his mentor and friend, who died of a massive heart attack earlier today.

But was Seacrest being groomed to replace the legendary host?  Well, with him hosting American Idol, “E!”,  New Year’s Rockin Eve, and pretty much every other show out there it seems obvious.  Not only does he snatch up every possible gig, including a radio show, he also produces too many shows to count.  This includes; all the Kardashian series, Shahs of Sunset, It’s Complicated (Denise Richards), and dozens more.

It was a smart move on his part to take Clark’s advice litterally…own all that you can, don’t just be a host. Seacrest took a small gig as the American Idol host and ran with it all the way to the bank.  He is now said to be a mega multi-millionaire (if not a billionaire) and shows no sign of slowing down.

While he works hard for the money, his drive and success must be causing many in Hollywood to be green with envy.  Let’s face it, the guy is only 37-years-old and will probably far surpass Dick Clark when it comes to wealth.  No need to be “haters”, he has made some very intelligent and calculated moves and deserves to have it all.  I just feel sorry for all the others who would really like to secure at least one of his jobs. Unfortunately for them, he seems to leave them standing in a soup kitchen line, hoping he goes on vacation.

Will Ryan Seacrest replace Dick Clark?  Probably not exactly…but he will certainly become the next legend for the upcoming decades.  That’s life…one person leaves and another is born.

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