25 Apr

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA was a guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” tonight.  In a brilliant move, he teamed up with Fallon to “slow jam” the news, sharing with the students at UNC (University of North Carolina) in Chapel Hill, NC updates about student loans.  The live show with cheering college students, added excitement to the show and gave him a “leg up” with young voter’s.

The overall message about the possible hike in the interest rates for student loans coming in July, was delivered in the most powerful way seen before…in history (in my opinion).  His breakdown of what it means to the students, alongside Jimmy Fallon and “The Roots” band chiming in, was easy to understand and entertaining.  It may just be a new way to reach the younger generation, in a way they can truly grasp.

Clearly a rise in interest rates could hurt many students around the nation.  So hopefully his message was heard loud and clear, especially by the politicians voting on the measure.

They later answered “tweets’ sent in by BoBo and others and as usual, his responses were spot on.  Whether you’re a fan of President Obama or not, there is no denying he is a genius when it comes to speaking and promotion.  No other President has related to the younger generation as well as him…and that is a fact.

Ending the show with “The Dave Matthews Band” performing their new inspiring song “Mercy” (loved it!), added the cherry on top.  It was an incredible song also with a message about saving our world.  It was a great way to close a brilliant Presidential presentation to our youth…he definitely secured their votes.

Congratulations President Obama…I’m sure BoBo is proud as well.  Can you say “slam dunk!”

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