26 Apr

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AMERICAN IDOL top six was cut to five tonight, after many of them received standing ovations yesterday.  They are definitely the best singers remaining in the final stretch, of all past seasons, and seem to want it bad.  So it’s getting really hard to hear the names called out by Ryan Seacrest, to take the “hot seat”.

The show had a variety of guest singers to break the ice before making the cuts, including fan favorite Katy Perry and members of Queen.  Perry delivered an over-the-top performance of her new hit song “Part of Me”, along with cool video effects, confirming she is still on her A-game.  Former Idol contestant “Stefano” also showcased his new song “I’m on A Roll”, which is sure to be a dance smash.  Although it started a bit slow for me, once he got going he was on fire and the lyrics rock.  I actually replayed it three times after really getting into the groove of the music, it should definitely make the charts.  If you have not heard it, take a listen and fall in love.

After the bottom three were separated from the top three, we ended up with Elise, Hollie, and Skylar receiving the least amount of votes.  Which meant Phillip, Josh, and Jessica were saved by their fans.  This is a sure sign that America finally got it right, well at least with two of them.  Although Phillip Phillips has grown on me over the past few weeks, any other contestant could have filled his shoes tonight.

Well, who went home tonight?  After Skylar was sent back to the couch, it left Hollie and Elise awaiting the verdict.  While I believe she will go far, Elise made bad decisions on her song choices and was sent packing.  Her stubborn behavior finally caught up with her…taking Jimmy Iovine’s advice may have actually been her savior after all.  He certainly tried in the past to sway her into singing better songs for her voice, which she declined, and he likely gave her the hint last night too.  For once, I actually agreed with Jimmy on all counts tonight…which is a first.  He’s like Simon Cowell with glasses and a frown.

In the end, it should come down to a sing off between Josh and Jessica.  They are clearly the “best of the best” and deserve to make it to the finals.  However, I have to say that last night Josh stepped up his game, and will give Jessica a run for her money.  Either could easily be crowned “American Idol” and I would be happy.

Does the voting seem back on track?  WIll the right singer win the competition this year?  Let’s hope so, my vote goes to Josh or Jessica.

On another note; Jennifer Lopez looked really beautiful tonight.  I’m glad she got rid of the “nappy hair” look. She is by far the best judge of all the singing competitions on television.

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