03 May

American Idol has us all on pins and needles after the Jessica Sanchez scare.  We find ourselves asking, “Will Josh end up in the bottom now?”  Well lucky for us Ryan Seacrest made sure to get that out the way early on, sending Josh Ledet to the safety seat immediately. Yay!

It was great to hear that even Jimmy Iovine finally agreed with the judges, praising him as “one of the best” singers in American Idol history.  While Jimmy has not always been on Joshs’ side, he found himself coming around even going as far to say he will make sure Interscope Records insures his success.

Although Hollie and Phillip have stepped up their game, Jimmy did not offer huge support for them on both their performances.  He seemed to provide some reassurance for Hollie after weeks of beating her down, but was not so kind to Phillip.  Jimmy went as far as to say “he should be gone after coasting through”.   But as often he has been wrong, it was no surprise Hollie found herself in the bottom two and Phillip was saved by his adorning fans.

It then was down to Skylar and Jessica, as they took center stage they looked nervous. With the recent praise of Skylar, I found myself on edge as well.  Jimmy has been on her side for the most part, but did not seem to like one of her performances last night.  As mentioned in the past, she has not been my favorite in this competition, so I was rooting for Jessica.  Jimmy completely bashed her outfit, saying it was “too mature”, and that it seemed too “Burlesque”.  But it turned out to be a good thing that at least America got it right, sending Jessica to safety. FINALLY…THEY AGREED WITH ME!

The bottom two were Skylar and Hollie, and finally the country singer was sent packing.  Yes, it was Skylar who was voted off tonight.  While she is energetic and spunky, she never topped my list.  However, with the loyal country fans and her tenacity, she will do well down the road.

It should end up with a sing-off between Josh and Jessica in the finale.  While I favored Jessica early on, now Josh has moved up in my mind and could win it all!  And now there were four…

On another note, how great is it to see just how far Carrie Underwood has come.  She looks like a stunning Super Star and is extremely polished…simply magnificient!  Rocking her performance on Idol tonight.

Who will go to to the finals?  My guess is Josh, Jessica and Phillip.  What do you think?



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