08 May


Tonight “The Voice” crowned their winner and thank goodness it was fans who voted.  In past weeks the show had me on edge as the judges seemed to keep my least favorite contestants.  Well at least in the end, Team Blake’s incredible singer Jermaine Paul ran away with the prize.  But while he won a recording contract and $100,000, he probably wishes he was on The X Factor where he would have left with $5 million!

While I admit this is not my favorite singing competition show and American Idol still blows them away, the outcome was the only thing I agreed with this season.  Not even the guest appearance byJustin Bieber could change my mind.

When the judges eliminated Jamar Rogers and Jesse Campbell, it sealed the deal.  But at least one of my favorite singers this year beat out Tony Lucca, Juliet Simms, and Chris Mann.

The show seems to be missing something and the judges don’t come across as “likeable”, especially Christina Aguilera.  Maybe the rumor about her treating singing group “The Wanted” poorly during their recent appearance on the show was true.  And what’s up with her wearing a crown?  This is not the Miss America Pageant.

“The Voice” did end on a high note, with the best singer of the group winning.  Jermaine is absolutely ready to spread his wings, after being the back-up singer for Alicia Keys.  His voice is incredible and he deserved to win.

However, American Idol and The X Factor will definitely continue to be locked in my DVR when it comes to singing competition shows….not The Voice.

On a side note, what was Christina wearing?  Last night she reprimanded Tony Lucca for singing a song “demeaning women” but her outfit did the exact same thing.  Where was the rest of her clothes?  Did she forget to put on her pants?  And why was she such a hater towards Tony Lucca?  Did she cause his loss?


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  1. Gerard

    May 9, 2012 at 6:17 am

    I can’t get over Christina’s vendetta against Tony Lucca. You’d have thought that she’d want to champion an old colleague, but she seemed determined to destroy his chances on the show with her negative comments.

    • brittaj

      May 9, 2012 at 10:12 am

      Gerard, I agree! Christina seemed jealous of Tony which was unbelievable! You would think she would support her former Mouse:). Very unfair on her part…

  2. Lisa

    May 9, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    I agree that it was a big disappointment that Jamar didn’t make it. But Jermaine grew on me and I was impressed toward the end. I actually do like The Voice better than American Idol. I think the coaches are pretty serious about their job and I think this show had better talent than Idol typically has. Though I do see how Christina may not be viewed as so likeable.

  3. john doe

    June 8, 2012 at 3:40 am

    i actually liked juliet simms more than jamal. All her perfomances were amazing and rockstar level. I don’t think xtina hurt lucca, his voice wanst the best by far. I think she hurt chris mann’s chances though by being a bitch.. But i think juliet should have beaten jermaine and this is my reason: julietts voice is more unique. Im thinking if like this, why listen to jermain’s version of belief i can fly if you can just listen to r kelly’s? Juliet is someone you’d listen to her version of skynyrd’s song because it’s different. Same reason tony lucca got so far by singing britney and jay z’x songs. Just my opinion though.


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