10 May

AMERICAN IDOL is down to the final four and tonight they all proved they deserved to be in the top spot.  Every contestant had a shining moment, although the judges would not totally agree.

This is clearly the best top four in the history of the long-running singing competition, so it will be a sprint to the finish.  While Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips were on top of their game tonight and gave stellar performances, Josh Ledet and Jessica Sanchez completely blew them away.

Although Phil did give his best performance of the season, he just does not have enough to sail past the strong competition this year.  And Hollie is not always given her proper respect, but she is an amazing singer…just in a very tough round.

When Josh pulled out all the stops with the James Brown classic “It’s A Man’s World“, it sealed the deal for me.  He clearly is the best of the best and deserves to win Idol this season.  When he sings, you can feel it in your toes…he performs completely from the heart.

But wait…Jessica showed the fans she also had a back pocket secret weapon, because when she sang the Jennifer Holliday powerful classic “And I’m Telling You“, she took my breath away.  Many have taken on the challenge of singing this extremely hard song, but she may have given one of the best renditions of any other contestant.  And at only sixteen years old…wow!

As previously mentioned, the finals should be a showdown between Jessica and Josh.  They are definitely on fire and clearly both want to win.  It would make for a ratings sensation, with male vs female, which is exactly what the producers dream about.

Who will go home tomorrow night?  Probably Hollie, because Phil has a more solid fan base.  Who will be in the finals?  Josh and Jessica for sure…unless America gets it wrong, which is doubtful.

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