14 May

This weekend I went to see the new movie “Think Like A Man” based the Steve Harvey best seller.  As I looked around the theater, it was great to see men and women of all races, ethnic groups and ages.  This was surprising, seeing that the majority of cast was african american and it was about dating.  But I guess when Oprah backs you, it opens many doors and offers added exposure.

The fact that seniors were also in the audience was truly amazing…you would think they would have relationships perfected by that age.  It just goes to show that when dealing in relationships, love has no color and your age does not mean a thing.  If you are naive when it comes to love and constantly put yourself in vulnerable situations, this lesson could last a lifetime.

The subject matter in the film was frank and realistic.  Kevin Hart definitely “made the movie”, adding humor to the sensitive topic of love and relationships.  It was a great cast and they were believable.

The storyline of men and woman with a variety of tendencies, portrayed just how universal relationships are throughout the world.  If you are the “player”, “dreamer”, “non-committed”, or actually enjoy a monogamous relationship, this movie is worth seeing.

Although it was fairly mellow and could have delved deeper, the overall message was easily understood.  Steve Harvey may have “spilled the beans”, but I am sure men will forgive him, and probably come up with some new tricks.   The best part about the film is that it brought everyone together on the topic of relationships, and it is truly relatable.

Hopefully anyone in a bad relationship, causing their loved ones frustration, or unsure of how the 90-day rule works, will take a moment to see this movie…it may just be life changing.

On another note, audience members stayed glued to their seats through the outtakes and credits so they clearly enjoyed the movie too. I hope this opens the door for more diversity when it comes to Tyler Perry movies. Maybe all races will also give his movies a chance, he is extremely talented.

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