17 May

AMERICAN IDOL announced the two contestants who are headed to the Finale next week.  It came down to Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.  And boy was this a shocker!

This could have gone in any direction because they are all incredible singers.  Jimmy Iovine seemed tough with his remarks and at first it sort of annoyed me.  But after listening to their performances again from last night, I understand his point.  While they all sang with perfection, none of them gave me chills.  In the days of Fantasia and Adam Lambert, they had a “moment” during the home stretch, so this is what was missing.

Before announcing who would be in the showdown, Lisa Marie Presley and Adam Lambert performed.  They both looked great, but their songs did not sound like hits.  Just my opinion.

Well down to the results…who did America think was worthy of earning the crown of American Idol?  After one of the most talented group of singers in Idol history, this was surely a tough decision.  But my prediction was 100% WRONG and fans got it WRONG this time, by sending Josh home.

This is a complete shocker and was really disappointing to watch.  I truly believed Josh and Jessica would be in the finale.  Although Phillip is also a great singer, the others were more consistent and had more “stand-out” performances throughout the season.  But the teen girls were certainly favoring Phillip, so I thought this may happen.

Although Josh was sent packing, his fan base is huge and he will certainly have a lot of success around the corner.  His voice is unique and with the right guidance…expect him to be a hit maker.

Looks like Jessica and Phillip are headed to the finale…and now there were two.  Do you agree with the decision?  Post your comments.

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