19 May

Georgia student Aimee Copeland went zip lining while kayaking trip on the Little Tallapoosa River.  But when she fell from a homemade zip line, it cut open her calf causing a life threatening flesh-eating bacteria to enter her body.

After the wound would not heal, the 24-year-old was taken to Augusta hospital and was put into the intensive care unit, in critical condition.  Unfortunately, doctor’s could not stop the infection from spreading and had to amputate her leg, torso, and foot.  Today doctor’s announced they now also had to amputate her remaining foot and hands.

The amazing part of the story is her courage; after hearing about the necessary amputation she responded “Let’s do it”.  Her family and supporter’s were so inspired by her strength her dad created,  Andy Copeland’s blog to share her story.  If you want to hear something touching and motivating, I recommend you read his posts.  It will likely make any issues you may be going through seem minimal or give you the strength to carry on.

She truly is an inspiration and has fought hard through this horrific experience.  It’s rare that a young woman would have the ability to stay so strong after hearing that her body would be greatly affected after a simple day of fun. I cannot imagine the immense desire to push forward with so many odds against me.

Aimee Copeland has shown us that if you have the will to live…nothing can stop you.  KEEP PUSHING AIMEE…WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!

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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in HEADLINE NEWS


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