21 May

A new type of celebrity has surfaced, and not for the right reason.  It was reported this week that Tennessee dad, 33-year-old Desmond Hatchett, is now having financial trouble.  Apparently his minimum wage is not supporting his 30-kids (from toddler to 14-years old) he fathered, by eleven different women!

It’s really no surprised that the minimum wage he earns, is not enough to feed that many kids.  What was he thinking?  He even admitted that back in 2009 when he had 21 kids, he promised to stop.  Well, that was nine kids earlier and he had a smile on his face when speaking with reporters on the subject.

Now this man SERIOUSLY needs a snip…and to get a better job.  His payment of half of his check, only allows each of his children to receive about a dollar monthly!

Pretty soon he will probably suffer the downfall like the Octomom Nadya Suleman, whose now collecting welfare with tax payer’s footing the bill.  Mr. Hatchett, can you PLEASE keep it on lock down.  We DO NOT want to support all your kids.

Forget the show “Kate Plus Eight”...this makes for far better reality TV!  Just not on my dime!

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