21 May

The judge announced the sentence for 20-year-old Dharun Ravi.  After being found guilty and then convicted of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation, witness tampering and hindering arrest, he was given only 30-days in jail today for the death of Tyler Clementi. The sentence caused outrage across the nation, because his actions reportedly caused the suicide of his roommate.

It seems that the judge took his age into account, wanted to avoid his deportation and likely heard the pleas of his mom for leniency.  But many are extremely angry with the outcome, because Ravi allegedly videotaped his gay roommate kissing another boy and exposed him to his friends.

They say he harassed Tyler Clementi so badly, that the 18-year-old Rutgers University student took his life back in 2010.  He jumped off a bridge to his death after he just could not take it anymore.

At first the sentence also angered me, it is obviously not long enough.  But in thinking more about it more, this is very close to the harassment that happened to me as a kid.  The only difference is that in today’s world of technology, things can be caught on tape.

If you truly consider all the gay or straight kids being bullied each day, the entire prison system would be filled with teens and young adults.  We have become a less tolerable society which has its pros and cons.  Back in the day…we had to suck it up and move on.  I would have loved this type of protection, but is this truly realistic?

Nowadays, we are creating a society unable to take harsh verbal or mental abuse.  This will likely cause a world full of really weak people down the road.  Look, bullying is sick and abusing someone so harshly, causing them to commit suicide, is horrible.  But if we give a 50-year sentence to all who do what Ravi did, let’s prepare for full jail cells and complaints to pile up.

Ravi also was ordered to pay a $12,000 fine, received three years probation, must complete 300 hours of community service and attend counseling programs for cyber-bullying and alternative lifestyles.

Not sure how to end bullying and yes his sentence seemed light, but a lifetime in prison does not seem to be the answer.

What do you think?  Post your comments…without beating me down too badly.

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