30 May

JUSTIN BIEBER is being investigated for the recent altercation involving a photographer.  Sources say Bieber took his girlfriend Selena Gomez to a movie at the Commons at Calabasas Shopping Center.  Afterwards he allegedly struck a photographer after being harassed and fled the scene.

Witnesses say the photographer was asked not to take photo’s of the couple and when he refused, Bieber allegedly hit him.  The couple supposedly then left the scene so investigator’s are planning to interview them to get their side of the story.

Justin assaulted a photographer and I liked it (allegedly).  It is not surprising that celebrities get fed up with annoying Paparazzi.  They have no personal life and cannot even enjoy the freedoms awe take for granted.  This is basically stalking and should not be allowed.  While celebrities are in the spotlight and have to deal with fans and very little privacy, they should be protected from stalkers. 

In today’s world of social media there are plenty posts of celebrity photo’s on the web, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There is really no need to hunt them down during their “off time”; seriously we have seen Justin and Selena a million times together.  Do we really need more photo’s of them together?

Why doesn’t the government crack down on this behavior?  They seem to be involved in all other aspects of our lives and have rules for just about everything else.  This seems like a “real issue” they could focus on changing.  Stalking stars is no different than someone following a ‘regular” person around on a daily basis.  If someone followed me and would not back off, I would run to the police and have them arrested.

Stalking is stalking…someone needs to help or a Paparazzi stalker may really get hurt.  If anyone should be questioned or arrested, it should be the photographer.  And really, how much could Justin have really hurt this guy…what a baby.

What do you think?  Do celebrities sign up for stalking when they step into the limelight?

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