06 Jun

The popular TV series “So You Think You Can Dance?” has jumped off to a great start.  Not only has the talent exploded, the touching stories have given it more depth.

If you enjoy watching incredible dancer’s with a unique style, this is the show to see.  There is a variety of styles showcased and with emotion to back it up.   From the boy who lost his mom at an early age and was inspired to dance, to the son who danced once more for his mom before she lost her sight…get ready to be inspired.

Tonight the stand-out was the hip hop dancer “Borus” who performed to a classical pianist and wowed the audience and judges.  His story of living with many other dancers in a three bedroom apartment was inspiring and gives hope to the millions of dancers around the globe.

The other memorable performance was given by the young Karate instructor, Tim Conkel from Atlanta.   This 10-time National Champion, 3-time International Champion, was also inducted into the National Black Belt League “Hall of Fame”.  After being bullied as a kid he decided to learn Karate which was a great move because it actually helped in his performance.  Not only did he rock it during his hip-hop routine, he made it all the way to Hollywood with a quick test of his ballet skills.  Which he learned in only 7 days.

This season may be similar to American Idol…they will probably end up with some of the best talent of the entire series, heading into the finale.  Make sure to set your DVR and maybe you’ll learns some moves along the way.


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