09 Jun

News Video Footage

EL CENTRO, California—The video of a dad beating his young son with a belt for not catching a baseball properly, has caused outrage across the county.

When a curious neighbor Oscar Lopez looked out his window he was amazed at what he saw.  So of course he did what millions do these days….he began to video tape. He observed a dad tossing a ball with his son in their backyard.  Apparently his stepson was not catching the ball properly, so the stepfather began beating him with a belt.  The video shows the child crying and begging for him to stop, but the angry dad continued to whip him repeatedly.  What’s most disturbing is that the dad stopped and began tossing the ball again, in between spankings.

Good thing the concerned neighbor yelled for the dad to stop and took the video to the police.  The 34-year-old Imperial Irrigation District Director, Anthony Sanchez, turned himself in and is facing felony child abuse charges. Sanchez was held on $100,000 bail and could face up to six years in prison.

The questions for the day…should police step in to challenge a parents discipline style?  Did the video clearly show abuse?  If he did not have a previous record of abusing his son, should he be punished?

Well, the days of whipping your child is clearly over.  The world now has “Big Brother” watching your every move…which is annoying in some cases, but not with this incident.  Although I am a strong believer in our freedoms and the ability to discipline unruly children, it is NEVER ok to beat them.  And especially in this case….an incorrect toss of a baseball is a ridiculous reason to hit your son.   Shame on the dad!

It is true that we have become too soft as a nation and clearly have given the power to children.  There are many unruly kids who are not firmly punished and parents have no control over them.  These kids are reckless and call the police if their parents even look at them wrong.  This is not to say beating them is the answer, we just need to find a balance, teaching them respect and disciplining them from an early age.  My mother never needed to beat me as a kid, she would just look at me a certain way and I knew to straighten up my act.  While I did have my small share of spankings, they were well-deserved and never went overboard.  And they certainly were not over sports.

The video is graphic, includes foul language, and it has been removed from Youtube several times but if you can stomach it and are over 18 check it out and decide for yourself….click link here and vote below.  Also check out the comments below and feel free to add your own.

How will the dad go back to work after this….how embarrasing.  On another note; do you need to say “alleged’ when it is caught on tape?



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  1. scottsprich

    June 10, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    That was disturbing to watch. That kid will never like baseball. I’ll be sharing this on my site as well. If anything, maybe other parents that behave this way will think twice. Hopefully they’ll think someone could be watching or listening.

  2. Rich Barkdull

    June 11, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Some children need to be spanked because there is definately an issue with kids not having any respect towards authority. This obviously is a totally different story! He doesn’t catch the ball like you think he should? Who cares! I think this sorry excuse for a parent should be flogged like they did in Roman times! These are instances where eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth should come into play!

  3. Sean

    June 11, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    What stupidity on this board. Which of you can I hit? None. If I hit any of you it is assault. Hmm, but a defenseless child, well that is okay then. This blogger that I have accidentally run across proposes that children are somehow worse today than before because parents have gotten soft ignoring entirely the fact is that parents have no relationship with their children. I am the parent of a two year old with another on the way and my wife and I have never hit our son and never will. Why? Because we take the time and patience to teach him what is right and wrong. There are consequences for his actions, principally time-outs but we spend time playing with him, reading, watching his favorite shows (all non-violent) and he knows us and we know him. We do this while both of us work (I have recently started my own consulting firm.) Hitting is a crime…and should be moreso for those that cannot defend themselves. Hitting a child is the answer for those that are want quick solutions while not caring about the long term consequences. Or lest we should forget the number of criminals that are in jail or committing crimes that come from violent homes? Oh, I know that you are all against abuse, but who draws the line?

    Why not simply teach people that hitting of any kind is wrong? That communication, patience and time are the keys for all? Yes, there will be those that will not respond, there are those that need medication, etc. but are we really so pessimistic to think that they represent the majority?

    If hitting is such a great motivator why aren’t employers allowed to hit their low-performing employees?

    • brittaj

      June 11, 2012 at 6:27 pm

      Sean, thanks for your feedback.

      In no way would I ever agree to this type of violence towards children. In saying some parents have become “too soft”, does NOT mean I condone beatings. For those of us who grew up when spankings were the norm, we may be torn on whether whipping kids to keep them in line or just a time-out works. A basic spanking was given to many of us, but we were also taught respect and values. Most kids that I know who were spanked, have grown up to become respectable and decent adults.

      Each child is different, some respond to “time-outs” and punishment (like no TV or Playstation), but others are more challenging to discipline. It is not entirely clear what is the best plan of action, however, child abuse is NEVER acceptable. And this father beating his son over a toss of a ball is just plain unacceptable.

  4. Sean

    June 11, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    We need to be adament about this being wrong….we can’t just talk platitudes or speak around the hedges…this needs to be said as being WRONG!!! We should all be SCREAMING it from the rafters… No other answer is acceptable.

  5. Dan Gray

    July 11, 2012 at 7:39 am

    What a waste of money and judicial time. The Dad spanked his son with a belt, so what. He only gave the boy one swat. And the neighbor spying on them in the backyard should be questioned as to why he is looking into his neighbor’s yard. If this country does not go back to some basic punishment for kids we are all going to be in trouble. There is a difference in BEATING and in SPANKING, grow up and stop whinning

  6. Liz

    March 13, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    People who abuse kids don’t deserve them, especially this man. I hope he never gets to see his stepson again. What an idiot. I am glad this neighbor got involved to save this poor kid from getting beat anymore by his stepdad.


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