09 Jun

Oprah Winfrey is set to air her interview with the late singer Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris this Sunday 6/10/12 on “Oprah’s Next Chapter“.  It’s certain to see huge ratings on OWN Network, but will they come a bit too late?  This week it was announced that Oprah was demoted as the head of her own network, but this news has not yet been confirmed.

An insider told the Enquirer that co-owners, Discovery Commu­nications, have told Oprah she will retain her title of CEO but in name only.  She allegedly has released complete control over OWN and her replacement is in the works.  Unfortunately, her lack of experience running a station was clear, as ratings never hit the mark since its launch in January 2011.  If this is true, it basically means the mega billionaire was stripped of her power.  According to the source, effective immediately “She cannot hire staff or make any executive decisions without consulting top Discovery executives first”.

The interview with Paris is said to be juicy as she reveals new details of her life with Michael.  In a teaser, she discusses how she and her brother’s only had to wear masks in public while with her dad.  When they were alone, they were unrecognizable so enjoyed being unknown in public.

It should be interesting to hear her side of being raised by a super star.  But it is too bad Oprah was unable to be the “golden child” of her own network.  Good she’s rich, so really does not lose anything but her pride and maybe a blow to her ego.

On a side note; do you think they called in Donald Trump to tell Oprah “You’re Fired!”  So sad if it’s true.  It goes to show you, all the money in the world cannot save you from losing your job…if you suck at it.  Sorry Oprah…it is hard to be a master of all things.


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