10 Jun

ATLANTA —Megachruch Pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested for allegedly choking, punching then hitting his 15-year-old daughter.  The story has caused outrage as well as support for one of the most prominent black pastor’s in the country.

Reports suggest that a dispute ensued between the pastor and his 15-year-old daughter when he refused to let her attend a party.  When she resisted his authority and became agressive, a scuffle began and he allegedly tried to subdue her by using force.

During an interview Dollar’s 19-year-old daughter told police that he did abuse her sister, but then recanted.  She later told police she changed her story because her parents were there, so apparently she was fearful of retaliation.  The Pastor disputed her story, telling a sheriff’s deputy that he only used force to restrain his daughter after she lashed out at him and became disrespectful.

Dollar preaches at World Changers Church International and has a whopping 30,000 members in the Atlanta area, as well as satellite churches across the U.S.  He also has written multiple books and is a successful real estate investor.

The public has taken several different positions on his story.  Some believe he should discipline his children when they are out of line and this is just typical behavior of any “regular family”.  Others feel he should be “above violence” because he is a man of God.  Another group thinks that the Bentley driving pastor is just showing his “true colors” and only cares about money and this proves it.

While I understand how incredibly challenging it can be to raise a “smart mouthed” teenager, choking them is a bit overboard.  And although this seems to be a frequent statement by many parents “If you don’t shut your filthy mouth, I’m going to choke you”, I’m pretty sure most don’t move forward with the threat.

After this public fiasco the Pastor faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. But he was released from jail just in time for to preach on Sunday.  This should be a very interesting sermon.

How many will support his behavior?  More than likely many of his follower’s will stand behind his decision.  Especially those with unruly teenage children.

What do you think?  Did he go too far?  Or was he like any other parent at wit’s end with their kids?

On another note, the dad who recently whipped his son and was caught on video essentially received no support. Obviously, it was because this beating was over sports.  But would the Pastor abusing his child have a different response if it was also on tape? 

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