11 Jun

June 11, 2012

Krystle Marie Reyes would have been considered one of the smartest women on earth…had she gotten away with this incredible crime.  By using Turbo Tax, she received an income tax refund for a whopping $2.1 million after claiming $3 million in earnings.  Surprisingly enough Reyes received a Visa card for the refund amount, no questions asked.  But she made a critical mistake, she lost the card and reported it stolen.

The 25-year-old Oregon resident went on a $150,000 spending spree after receiving the 2011 refund; buying a car and other luxury items.  But unfortunately for her, she foolishly lost the card and had to request a replacement.  This raised a red flag and she was investigated.

This is said to be the largest scam in Oregon history and she will certainly pay the price.  Oregon Department of Justice agents arrested Reyes last week, and she will likely spend some hard time in prison.

The department in charge of reviewing this refund is certain to be reprimanded.  We have heard of prisoner’s receiving fraudulent refunds, but how bold and greedy is she, for going for millions!  Where do they come up with these ideas…seriously!

Pigs get eaten…Hogs get slaughtered.

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