17 Jun

CNN confirmed that police beating victim, Rodney King, was found dead in a pool today at age 47.  The video of King being hit repeatedly by police back in 1991, was one of the first of its kind to receive huge media attention around the world.

King’s beating came just after a high-speed chase with police in Los Angeles.  Millions were horrified as they watched the then 25-year-old, receive blows to his body as he lay helpless. It was still the early days of video, and Youtube was not yet the sensation it is today, making the video “go viral” before we truly knew what that meant.

The incident caused outrage and riots, making it one of the most remembered police brutality cases in history.  After the four police were acquitted for the beating, chaos ensued.  The streets of LA were torched, looting was rampant and riots were left unattended, as the world watched in horror.

Many vividly remember the words later spoken by the victim, “People, I just want to say, can we all get along? Can we get along?”

It was his troubled past that put him in the predicament, but that was overshadowed by the disgust felt after watching the video.  While King became a spokesperson against police brutality and opened our eyes about  race in America, his run-in’s with police never seemed to end.

Although he never really became a completely clean citizen, he seemed happy during his recent interview with Dr. Drew.  And while he did not become a doctor, discover a cure for cancer, or become a Pulitzer Prize winner, his case changed the way police treat minorities in the years to follow.

King’s legacy will be more about his help in ending the police torture against minorities, which goes to show, everyone has a purpose in life.  He did not deserve the abuse, but he handled the aftermath honorably.

The nation has come a long way since that day, although race relations in America still has a long way to go.  Will his death put the topic back in the spotlight?  Let’s hope so.  A reminder of what’s unacceptable behavior is always good, so that history does NOT repeat itself.

His fiance confirmed King was found dead in a pool potentially from drowning, but the cause of death is still being investigated.



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