28 Jun

President Obama has pushed hard for his Health Care bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes referred to as “Obamacare”.  His belief that every American deserves health insurance is admirable.  Well, he has now won the backing of the Supreme Court with their historic ruling today, which upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   They agreed the individual mandate was indeed constitutional.

According to USA Today, this ruling is a victory for all Americans.  But is it really?  It’s hard to tell when hearing the pros and cons being debated in the media.  The average person probably is still unclear on how it truly works and how it will be enforced.  In watching the different angles, I’m still unsure of the impact of this historic announcement.

It seems reasonable that every American is covered by health insurance.  When I was not covered periodically throughout the recession, it was a scary thought.  Talk about being EXTREMELY careful when walking the stairs or driving a car.  On paper this seems like a great idea, but it is confusing how someone without work will , or a fully employed person who opted out of insurance due to the high cost, will pay for it.  Will their employer pick up the cost?  Will the employee be forced to buy it or risk losing their job?

News reports out today show the stocks for hospitals on the increase and insurance companies on the decrease. Is that good news for us all?  Does it mean insurance premiums will actually decline, since the currently insured will not need to pay for the uninsured going forward?

There are still just so many unknown questions…it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.  Do you TRULY understand how it will work?  If a new President is elected, could he repeal it and we go back to square one?  Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney already said he would fight it, if he were to win the election.

In an election year, this may be a risky time for this to finally be approved.  What do you think?  Is this good or bad news?  Do you understand it or do we need a simple guide to what it all means?  Not just the 974 pages of the ACA….try reading that!

WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU?  It depends on who you ask.

Don’t forget to cast your vote below.

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