28 Jun

Tyler Perry will release his new film “Madea’s Witness Protection” this weekend.  Many fans are asking, “Is he trying to crossover?”  Some are even angry about the move; calling him a ‘sellout”.  But in the year 2012 it’s sad to think this is still a topic for discussion.  Which means it needs to be addressed.

It is well-known that black films still have a tough time getting produced in Hollywood.  Even when you have “the juice” and are a billion dollar producer/actor/writer such as Perry, the fight is hard.  So with him finally releasing a movie with an equally mixed cast, this is no surprise.  To make it in the movie industry and compete with the really “big players”, diversity is a must.

Madea (Tyler Perry) will team up with a popular cast, including; Eugene Levy, Marla Gibbs, Romeo, Denise Richards, Tom Arnold and John Amos.  Talk about a great blend of talent and diversity!

In the end, this is a smart move on his part.  Perry clearly understands that if he wants to take his role as an actor, writer and producer to a new level…he has to play the game.  If you read his recent post, he explains how he still has challenges with getting a movie released. I’m actually pleased that he will “come out” to the world and others can experience his sheer talent.

It is amazing and discouraging that we still are having this discussion in the year of 2012.  We have a black President, but cannot find equality in Hollywood.  While this is disappointing we should support Perry in his movie opening of “Madea’s Witness Protection” this weekend.

If you disagree with his move in the direction of diversity, know that he is opening the door for others of color in the movie industry.  Maybe they can reach their dream of directing or producing and get their chance.  In broadening his audience it will also offer him the opportunity to receive the respect he deserves for all his accomplishments.

When was the last Oscar won by a black Writer, Director or Producer?  Can you remember?  I know my mind goes blank.  That’s just how infrequently it happens…hopefully Tyler Perry will help to overcome the lack of diversity in Hollywood.  Check out the list of winners /year won and be totally shocked!  Best Director…never!  Best Picture…never!

In another smart move, he tied in his new Tyler Perry Talent Search with the movie release on June 29th.  The winner will actually get a walk-on role in his next film with voting ending tomorrow.  Pure genius.

Maybe….just maybe, he will actually win his Oscar one day.  I say…”Way to go Mr. Perry!”

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