01 Jul

The four New York city students caught on tape bullying their elderly bus monitor, will now pay the price.  All of the seventh-graders received a one year suspension from school and use of the school bus.

After a fellow student recorded them taunting the 68-year-old grandma, Karen Price, he posted the video on Youtube.   The video went viral, causing school officials to investigate the incident.

When outraged residents caught wind of the disturbing video, they started a rally in support of Price.  The outcome was a free trip to Disney World and over $600,000 in donations within days.  This incredible amount is more than some charities receive in a year.  Seems high for this situation, but shows how little bullying is tolerated in today’s society.

Since the district is required to offer the students an education, they will be transferred to a special alternative education program.  They also were ordered to complete 50 hours of community service with senior citizens.   Turns out, this will be a harsh lesson for the students and likely others around the nation who believe they can get away with bullying.

The video is disturbing and if you watch it for yourself, you will realize they were way out of line.  But is this worth a one year suspension?  Not sure, but we all know kids can be cruel and should learn to respect their elders.  When did children lose the morals of the past?  Probably when parents stopped demanding it…yes sir, yes maam (mam/ma’am) is long forgotten.

In the world of heightened social media it is wise to think before you act…because you too could be caught on tape.   What do you think?  Is this punishment too harsh or well deserved?   Take the poll below and chime in.

On another note; wish they had these heavy penalties when I was a kid.  The mean bullies probably would have received jail time for how harsh they taunted me!

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