06 Jul

TYLER PERRY announced the winner of his 2012 Talent Search presented by “Madea’s Witness Protection”.  After over 16,000 hopefuls posted videos, it came down to one extremely creative and funny comedian.  Damirra Brunson ran away with the prize of a walk-on role in his upcoming film, plus an added perk.   Perry created a role designed especially for her according to his email.

The Talent Search began to promote the opening of his new film “Madea’s Witness Protection”. Fans were able to vote for their favorites and Tyler then narrowed it down to the Top Ten finalists.  After viewing as many video’s as possible from the fan favorites he selected winner.

In watching many of the video’s posted, I believe he definitely made the right decision.  Although Damirra had stiff competition from the Hodgetwins and Willie Moore Jr., who received hundreds of thousands of votes, she gave them both a run for the money.  Even though it’s noted that some videos had been posted well in advance, giving them an edge in views.

While I even posted a video to join in on the fun, I really did not expect to win.  But with the limited opportunities available that give us hope to one day get our “big break” why not take a chance.  If you don’t at least reach for your dreams, it makes life less challenging and exciting.   I’m sure Damirra would have regretted not entering.

It would be great if more celebrities would pay it forward like Tyler Perry has done throughout the years.  Everyone starts somewhere and talent is plentiful…why not afford others the same opportunity to change their life for the better.

Congrats Damirra….you deserve it!


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