14 Aug

Chad Johnson (a.k.a Ochocinco) is having a really bad week.  After reports that he allegedly physically abused his new wife Evelyn Lozada (Basketball Wives star), he was quickly dumped from the Miami Dolphins.  But to make matters worse, the 911 call was released this week and today Evelyn filed for divorce.

Police were called to his home due to a domestic assault incident.  This came shortly after Evelyn confronted Chad about condoms she found in his pocket.  In an angry rage he allegedly head butt his soon to be ex-wife, splitting her forehead open.  As blood gushed out, she ran to the neighbor’s home for help, who quickly called police.

Anyone who watches the reality show “Basketball Wives’ may not be surprised at this sudden divorce.  He never seemed ready for marriage based parts of the show, but I would not have expected this type of abuse.

It’s amazing to think that high-profile men have not learned their lesson after the Chris Brown incident.  This is simple…it’s NOT ok to hit a woman no matter how mad they make you!  While Evelyn clearly has a temper of her own and can make your skin crawl at times, she did not deserve to be abused by her husband.

This is especially shocking because they just married 41 days ago.  Talk about “the honeymoon’ being over before it started.  Well we can bet her ex-best friend Jennifer Williams is surely thinking “I told you so!”  She never really had anything good to say about Chad, which caused them to end their “best friend” status.

Well, good job on the speed of the coach and management of the Dolphin’s.  His termination sends a strong message to other team members…violence against women will not be tolerated.  And as a wide receiver and a huge football player, he should be ashamed that he hit a female.

Chad better hope that his career can rebound as fast as Chris Brown’s….or his football playing days may be over.  And with a temper like that, who will hire him anyway?

This should be another eye opener for men, especially those in the spotlight…the days of domestic violence being acceptable is over.  No woman deserves to be beaten by a man and it will no longer be swept under the rug.  Harm someone…and you will pay the price.

Good thing we have learned from our past…Chad was charged with Domestic Abuse and should spend some time in jail.  Congrats to Evelyn for swiftly getting out of that bad situation…hit you once and he will hit you again.


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