21 Aug

AMERICAN IDOL seems to have a bit of trouble deciding who will replace judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez next season.  Rumor has it, diva Mariah Carey is upset they are considering Nicki Minaj and hung up on procducers when told, because she reportedly wanted to be the only female.  Now reports are flying that Kanye West is in talks with producers to join the show….maybe he will bring his new girlfriend Kim Kardashian along for the ride.  Even singer Lenny Kravitz threw his name in the hat!

In addition to their troubles, Randy Jackson is not yet sure he will come back and they also have the “diversity issue”.  If they have an all black cast will some American’s tune out?  While it’s sad that we still have to discuss race in the year 2012, it is a reality.  Diversity is what’s still expected in the eyes of society and certainly for the networks.  If they don’t mix it up a bit, American Idol may be headed to BET.

It seems like many of the stars are looking for an easy paycheck.  Let’s see…they make millions to sit on their butt and criticize singers.  Uhmmmm…Where do I sign up?

While they are on the bubble and in serious trouble of needing a last-minute scramble, Ryan Seacrest has nothing to worry about.  The host is sitting pretty, working more jobs than anyone else in the industry, including; the Olympics, radio, E!, and anything thing else he can get his hands on!  How many jobs does one man need?

Typically when this much planning on a TV show is required to re-group, it means the end is near.  This would be such a shame, since the hit show has been on my Tivo since inception.

Let’s hope they get it together soon…or Simon Cowell’s X Factor may just be its replacement.

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