15 Sep

It is unbelievable to think that the new soda regulations were passed this week.  New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed hard to enact the ban on 16oz or larger sugary drinks being served to consumer’s.  He is worth $22 billion and the 11th richest man in the U.S. so his power is endless, but this takes it to a new level.

If this is not a power trip to control our rights, I don’t know what is.  Do we really believe he cares about our health?  Absolutely not!  This is a way to continue to lead us into a controlled nation, restricting our personal rights more and more.

It angers me to hear how much we are being put into a box.  Little by little we are becoming a nation no different from other countries that control your every move.  If we continue to allow politicians to rule our existence, this will become an endless road to removing our freedoms.

In six months New York residents will not be allowed to purchase a soda or other sugary drinks over 16oz.  This includes restaurants, movie theatres and other venues but not 7-Eleven?  And get this, there is a $200 fine for doing so!  Will they now use their under-staffed police department to stop the crime of “beverage violator’s”…seriously!

This is the most ridiculous law to date.  What’s to stop someone from buying two 16oz soda’s now?  Let’s hope this does not reach Chicago.  Our crime is at record levels and our police have no time for this nonsense.

I really wish politicians would become more focused on the real issues.  How about helping people secure  jobs and getting the economy back on track.  Why waste precious time and energy on insane rules and regulations?  It is simple…Power and Control.  They want to show us just how powerless we are as residents in our great nation.

What’s next?  No more eating while walking.  No more watching certain movies. No more dressing in silk.  No more vocally sharing your thoughts.  No more internet sites that are not approved by the government.  No more rights at all.  When does it end?

What country is this?  The USA or somewhere else…



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