02 Oct

President Obama is officially “The Best” when it comes to using social media to inspire voter’s. His marketing team sends emails almost daily, but the new one may be the most powerful of them all.

The above video collaboration of celebrity women speaking in support of his campaign, was sent today via Jennifer Lopez.  If this does not get some women to flip to his camp, I’m not sure what will.

It will likely be a close call come election day, but with Mitt Romney continuing to put his big foot in his big mouth…he may just kill his own chances.

If you are a Republican or Democrat, there is no denying President Barack Obama has utilized social media like no other past candidate.  His marketing strategy has taken the political game to a new levelI’m a woman and I’m in.


Whatever happens in my life, it’s always the women around me who help me get through it: my mom, sisters, cousins, friends, and my daughter, Emme. They inspire me, and they’ve made me who I am today.
Thanks to President Obama, the women in my life — and women across the country — have seen true progress. We will get access to the affordable quality health care we deserve because of Obamacare. Girls can see three women on the Supreme Court and look up to them as role models. Women have  greater ability to fight back when they don’t get equal pay for equal work.

Having a president who is a strong advocate for women means a lot to me. And I’m not alone — take a look at this video, and see what I mean:

Video: Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama

Growing up, my family didn’t always have a lot — plenty of people told me a girl from the Bronx could never make it. But my mom was a teacher who worked hard to send me and my sisters to school, and I refused to give up on my dreams.
That’s President Obama’s story, too. He didn’t have anything handed to him.
So when he talks about giving everyone a chance to succeed, no matter where you started out, it’s because he knows what it’s like for families who are struggling to make ends meet and make a better life for their kids.

President Obama has got our backs. We’ve got to get his.
Watch this video, then pass it along — it’s up to us to make sure every woman makes her voice heard in this election:


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