03 Oct

The first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was held tonight.  Over 50 million watched and will now critique the candidates and ask “Who won the debate?”

Well, they both seemed cool and confident during the 90-minute beating.  But as I listened, it felt like a deja vu.  Was this the same debate from the last election?  Clearly it could have been any other two politicians of years past.  They all talk about the same issues; job growth, the economy, energy, taxes, education, health care and small business.

While these are all important topics and in the forefront of our minds, the pitch always sounds the same.  The only real thing that stood out for me was Mitt Romneys’ stand on tax cuts.  Does he really believe if he cuts the taxes on “small businesses” they will add more jobs?  Get real!  The more money companies save, the less they hire.

Romney is delusional if he truly believes they will take those savings and use it to add to staff.   Many worker’s are still doing multiple jobs even though companies have increased revenue since the recession.  Most employer’s never refilled the jobs they cut in hard times, they just put more work on the current staff.  Most take the gravy and begin handing out big bonuses to top executives or pocket the extra profit.

Another clear message was that Romney honestly believes that President Obama stepped into office with a clean slate.  It was amazing how many times he blamed the President for the mess he was left with.  In four years, was he expected to magically clean up years of mismanagement?  Seriously…it is ridiculous to point the finger and make it sound like he’s done nothing in one term.  Four years to clean a load of crap is not a lot of time.

It is almost laughable to watch politicians talk about all their bright ideas and how they will pull out a magic wand and fix everything.  They all seem to have all the answers when running…but then they get into the White House and say “Holy Crap! I did not realize it was this jacked up!”

In the end, who won the debate?  Well, I would trust the man already in the job.  He knows exactly what’s going on behind closed doors…and the true mess that needs to be cleaned up.  While all politicians must lie to get the votes and win the election, some have good intentions and others are just in it to win it.

It was clear to me that Romney gave the same pitch as any other candidate.  There was nothing unique enough to choose him over President Obama. While I am not a Democrat nor Republican, as a “Commonsensican“, I would keep the current President in place.  If we switch now, trust me we will have to start all over.  And a new President will take another four years to implement new policies which may also be a bust.

The bottom line is that they all think when they get in office major changes will take place.  But in reality, the power of the President is challenged each day and fighting for their new policies take time. There is no-one on earth who can go in and wave a magic wand to fix all the problems in four years…except maybe GOD.

On another note, one thing that cannot be ignored is that President Obama is still the best speaker of any President in U.S. history.  And Happy 20th Anniversary President Obama & Michelle!

AFTER DEBATE UPDATE:  The majority seems to feel President Obama was not aggressive enough during the debate. But in my opinion, once Mitt Romey said he would pull funding from PBS, the Prez thought to himself…”Let him dig his own grave!”   Who offends the host by saying he will cut his networks funding?  DUH…Romney.

WHO DO YOU THINK WON?  Take the poll.

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