30 Oct

This historic Super Storm has left over 8 million without power.  There are 23 states affected by the powerful, catastrophic and deadly storm.  Over 60 million people from Florida to Canada and even the Caribbean are feeling the pain and major loss was inevitable.  More than 30 people are confirmed dead in the U.S. alone and that number is expected to rise quickly.  There is a broken crane dangling above a building like a toy.  A horrific fire spread in New Jersey burning 80 homes to the ground.  Many residents have lost everything.

The storm is so unexpected and unheard of that it has New York City residents in shock; leaving the subway and NY stock exchange shut down.  It also caused a major spat; Mayor Lorenzo Langford (Atlantic City, NJ) lashed out at Gov. Christie for sending mixed messages about evacuating.  The storms brewing all right.

This complete devastation has caused one more huge surprise…a lack of election coverage.  It has virtually shut down the Presidential race across the nation.  President Obama is expected to tour the hard hit New Jersey area with Governor Christie on Wednesday, but that may be all the political exposure he receives this week.  Unfortunately, Obama may need a Super Miracle to pull ahead.

Both candidates obviously had to cancel their campaign stops in the midst of this much bigger news of the day.  Mitt Romney and President Obama can now only wonder how this mega storm will affect their chances of winning the race.  With some polls showing them in a dead heat, this could be the worst news they could have asked for…and just weeks before the election.

The impact of this storm will be felt for many years to come.  It reminds me of futuristic movies about doomsday, especially seeing the power out in a major city and horrific mass destruction.  It will surely leave millions asking many questions about how this could happen; especially to so many people at once.

Is this storm a sign for many who believe the end of the world is coming this December 21, 2012?  Is this a wake-up call for politicians to begin telling the public the truth?  Is God mad at the way we are treating the planet?  Is this just the beginning of the end?  The questions are endless.  Why…why…why?

If you are as paranoid as most…this is a very scary thing to watch.  Are we finally going to self-destruct?  It is amazing to see virtual swimming pool in New York City….WOW!  It has been reported that the subway could be shut down for at least 3 days and the NYC airport is still closed.

How will this storm affect the election?  Not sure many care too much at this time, but it should definitely be delayed.  It is clear that many will not have the ability to vote, nor the desire.  What do you think is the reason for this once-in-a-lifetime Super Storm?

On another note; with the Jersey Shore being hit so hard…makes me wonder where Snooki and the gang is hiding out?   Hopefully in their fancy new Hollywood homes.  Also funny to hear Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman said “The show must go on!”  They both aired their late night shows with no audience.

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