02 Nov

A scary thought occurred to me this week, as I watched the gap close between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Is Barack Obama our last black American President?”   Well, if you consider how long it took for us to vote for one in the U.S., this could be possible.

It would be a shame if President Obama loses after only four short years in the White House.  The pride we felt when a black president was elected, would be short-lived and possibly never happen again in our lifetime.

While President Obama opened the door for other’s to follow and gave our youth hope that America truly does offer opportunities for all, he was given a tough challenge.  Finally after waiting many years for a black President to win, he took office during one of the worst economic disasters in history. Tragic…

Although he may not have been a “perfect” President…who has?  They have some power but let’s face it, our President cannot change the world overnight.  Four years is a short time to turn around a horrible economy and learn one of the most difficult jobs on earth.  Luckily he prevented another depression, but he needs more time to actually make a dent.  Anyone in office would need longer to really make a change, so don’t believe there is a magic wand to fix it quickly.  Unless GOD wins the election, this is going to take a long time.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican it is a thought that will resonate.  “Is Barack Obama our last black President?”   Maybe not, but it is possible during our lifetime we experienced history that won’t repeat for a long time to come.  I sincerely hope this is not the case.

What other black politician is being primed for Presidency right now?  Certainly not, Jesse Jackson, Jr.


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