08 Nov

The X Factor revealed the top 12 contestants tonight.  Adding to the suspense they went one step further, even listing how each singer ranked by viewer votes.  Taking notes from the other show “Duets” (Mario said no other show ranked singers…wrong) for the very first time on X Factor, fans and judges could see how their favorites were perceived by the public.

Prior to shocking the talented contestants on where they stand in the mind of viewer’s, the bottom two were announced.  It was no surprise when CeCe Fry and Jason Brock were forced to sing for their lives.

Both of them definitely deserved to be on the chopping block, but after the sing off the judges were in a deadlock.  This basically left the singer with the lowest votes by the public sent packing.  In the end, it was Jason who got voted off and was sent home, but it really should have been CeCe.  She clearly gave the worst performance of the night and Jason was a notch above her.   However, Jason is made more for broadway so this was probably the right decision.

The ranking order shocked the judges and myself and the list below may also blow you away.  As anticipated, the top two spots went to my favorites, #1 Tate Stevens and #2 Carly Rose Sonenclar, but I was also happy to see Vino ranked #3.  Take that Ms. Lovato….who said on multiple occasions she “can’t see him as a pop star”.  Boy did I call it right last night saying Carly could win it all…ok so I was close.

Simon expected his boy group Emblem 3 to come in number one, so his ego was crushed when he heard they ranked number 6.  This was actually worse than they deserved, I would have thought they would be top 3.

Showing the actual order of the votes was a great idea…but will be a downer and deflate confidence for many contestants.

Do you agree with the full list below?  Well, I was pleased with most of it but thought Beatrice should have ranked much higher.  CHECK OUT WHAT HAPPENED ON X FACTOR 11/14/12

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