21 Nov

Jesse Jackson Jr. officially resigned from Congress today. The now ex-rep of Illinois’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, finally called it quits.  After news spread that he is the subject of investigations by the FBI and the House Ethics Committee, this was obviously the next step.  Although he said it was for “health reasons”, reports of possible financial improprieties, including buying a diamond watch for an ex-girlfriend leaked today.  Why does this continue to happen to politicians in Chicago?  Is it a curse?

It seems the stint at Mayo clinic may have been a way to gracefully step down, hoping to receive voter sympathy but that may backfire.  Some supporter’s are already voicing disappointment since they just reelected him just weeks ago.

It comes as no shock to me that he decided to leave, due to all the allegations following him since the fall of ex-governor Rod Blagojevich.  But what is surprising is the variety of losers allegedly waiting in line to fill his seat.  Why would we want to replace him with Mel Reynolds or Todd Stroger?  Seriously? 

Mel was caught in a sex scandal with a 16-year-old back in 1994.  Todd was a disgrace as the former president of the Cook County, Illinois Board and a former alderman for the 8th Ward in Chicago.   Would we really want to put more bad blood in office?  I don’t think so.

Well, according to news outlets they are already pushing for the seat which is not yet cold.  It would be a step backward if the position gets filled with either of them.  This is exactly what happened in the case of jail-bird Blago replacing corrupt and imprisoned ex-Governor George Ryan.

This just cannot happen again…it is time to come clean in Illinois.  While it is tough to find a “perfect” politician, we can do better than this, I hope. 

On another note, it is no coincidence that Jackson decided to announce his resignation a day before Thanksgiving.   He is probably hoping it will get buried in the news over the holiday weekend and many top reporter’s are away.  And think about how many people left town for Thanksgiving.  He may be depressed, but definitely not stupid.

It really is sad that he will go down with a scandal after his dad Jesse Jackson (although no angel either) has done so much for the community over the years.  But the completely insane behavior by politicians is getting old.

Good I stayed in town:).

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