30 Nov

lottery numbersToday one of the winner’s of the recent $582 million Powerball jackpot stepped forward.  Mark & Cindy Hill are jumping for joy, because they get half of the largest jackpot in the history of the lottery.  They will walk away with $192,000,000 of the $293,750,000 prize, before taxes.

It was good to hear that a laid off Missouri office manager, who clearly can use the cash, won the drawing.  At least we don’t have to hear the crap about them keeping their job (which they likely never do).  If it were some rich obnoxious person who plays for the fun of it, I would be sick to my stomach.

The other winner to split the jackpot bought the ticket in Arizona, but they are still in hiding.  Maybe that is a good idea…putting it in a trust with a different name is the best way to go.

While I’m happy for the winner’s, it is a bummer that all I got was one money ball number after buying 20 tickets. Guess the odds are ridiculously low….of even getting a few numbers.

CONGRATS MARK & CINDY!  If you have extra CASH you are not sure to do with…please feel free to send it my way:).

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