23 Dec

Published 12/23/12

GIFTThe holiday season is almost over and to be honest, I can’t wait.  It seems so stressful for those around me, luckily I ended the tradition of gift giving years ago.  Quite frankly, the looks of horror as family and friends opened their useless $20 presents began to unnerve me.

They seemed so happy and excited as they unwrapped the beautifully decorated box of joy with a bow.  Their eyes would light up in anticipation of a stunning piece of jewelry or some new electronic gadget, only to find socks or a scarf.

While the colorful lights are my favorite part of the season, the true meaning of Christmas has been lost on the mall.  People go into debt once again and spend the whole year paying back the department store for ridiculous items most unhappy recipients take back.

So if you are heading out for last-minute gifts in the final shopping hours, let me remind you of a few do’s and dont’s. This will save you time and the look of disappointment in the eyes of your loved ones. If you have to buy a gift for someone who has it all try the blinged out throne!


  • Don’t buy your wife or spouse baking dishes, cleaning equipment, a cookbook, or apron…she will think she is your maid not your lover.
  • Don’t buy your kid’s school supplies, books or clothing.  The only thing they truly care about are toys and games.
  • Don’t buy your parents accessories for their home.  Chances are, they probably have an abundance of clutter already and you are just adding to it.
  • Don’t buy those $10 gifts by the cash register.  They put them there to get rid of them because no one wants them!
  • Don’t buy holiday arrangements or Christmas’s almost over!


  • If you are unsure of what your in-law’s like, give them a nice gift card to their favorite store.  Trust me…chances are you’re already on their hit list. 
  • Buy the most popular video games for your kids….they will always appreciate something that further freeze their brain cells.
  • Listen to what your spouse said she really wants throughout the year…can you say brownie points for remembering!  But stay away from clothing; if you buy her a size 12 and she’s a size 8, you’re headed to the doghouse!
  • Basically buy other’s something you would be happy receiving, unless you are a man getting a woman an electronic gadget only a man can appreciate.

But seriously, unless you have kids who truly enjoy a visit from Santa, stick with cooking and spending time with family.  Save your cash and the lackluster exchange of useless gifts and it will be a much more relaxing holiday in the future.

When did we all forget the true meaning Christmas?  Not sure, but even my cat knows what to do.  And to my blog follower’s HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MAY YOU HAVE  A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!


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  1. Tom Nefeldt

    December 23, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    now that was cute, funny and true. Below is my Christmas story (for me) this year.
    My cats name is Halo:
    When I adopted Halo, he was part of a litter of 5 that was left to die. Luckily Joanna (a Polish lady) found the litter and took it to a Vet’s office (My vet). The kittens were saved from death, and I was asked if I wanted one of them (as my current cat was about to die).. There were 2 black cats, one calico and two orange ones, I put my hand in the cage and one of the Orange ones grabbed hold of me. I took him home (with both Orange cats looking back at each other), and Halo has been the love of my life.

    The other day, I got a letter from the person who adopted the other Orange cat (Halo’s Brother), and she has to divest herself of 1 cat as she moves into another apartment. I was happy with one cat, BUT the offer was too tempting. It was Halo’s freakin’ BROTHER. I’ve talked to him about it, and the little guy seemed to understand. So against all my better judgment, I’m going to adopt his brother, and now Halo is finally at peace, lying next to me, and can’t seem to wait for the reunion, neither can I.

    11AM today the two brothers will be reunited. I am SOOOOOOO happy.

    • brittaj

      December 24, 2012 at 9:59 am

      Tom, now that is a sweet holiday story. Two cats reunite on Christmas Eve:). Enjoy your catunion:) That is a great gift!

  2. Tom Nefeldt

    December 24, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Well Halo’s brother (Tigger) is now in his new home. He remained in the cage (in my office) all day, Halo kept checking on him, no hisses or growls. Halo actually laid in front of the open cage for about 5 minutes, and the two of them just kept looking at each other. Closed the office door when I went to bed (just in case). This morning I opened the door, and Tigger was no longer in his cage, he’s found a hiding place which I have not yet discovered. But he did eat his food, and use the litter box. Yes it is a wonderful Christmas gift for the 3 of us. I think the two of them had the most peaceful meeting, that I’ve ever seen between two cats. I really feel they know there is a relationship between them.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. “Meeting” you has also been a wonderful way to start the Hoildays and end the year.

    • brittaj

      December 24, 2012 at 8:52 pm

      Merry Christmas Tom…great “meeting” you too! 🙂 Thanks:)


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