05 Jan

The news of a Paparazzo photographer’s death while chasing down Justin Bieber’s Ferrai is headline news around the world.  But it opens up the question of how celebs should proceed in the future.  It was a reminder of just how desperate tabloids are to get a shot of a popular celebrity…obviously they go too far.

To summarize the freak accident; on Sunday night 29-year-old photographer, Chris Guerra, was in West Los Angeles.  He spotted Bieber’s white Ferrari and ran into a busy street to snap pictures when he was hit by a SUV. Guerra freelanced for a photo agency called GSI Media and was eager to earn some cash.  Unfortunately, the payoff was not worth the shot, because he later died at the hospital.

The insane part of the story was that it was not even Bieber driving the car, it was rap protegé and friend Lil Twist.  It is sad that this photographer lost his life snapping photos, but it should come as a lesson to them all.  No photo is worth your life or the life of others…like Princess Diana. 

It seems crazy that the Paparazzi is still so intense about getting pictures of celebrities.  With the world of social interaction websites, stars now often post their own photo’s via Instagram and other media outlets. Fans can easily see what their favorite celeb is up to, just by going to their Twitter account or Facebook page.

What should Celebs do to force these blood sucking Paparazzi to stop this obvious stalking?  They should start their own tabloid magazine and share in the profits.  If they work together to publish a rag for their fans, they can share their own photo’s and probably put them out of business.

While I understand the Pap photographer’s are just doing their jobs, they go way to far.  Their reckless behavior is like an extreme stalker with no regard to safety.   It’s a total invasion of privacy and basically harassment, which should not be tolerated.  If an average person was followed for 24-hours a day and chased down in a car…the police would be all over it.

Why are celebs not protected like any other citizen? Oh, that’s right…it’s all about the money.  Well Justin Bieber is leading the charge for change...let’s hope he gets it done. 


“Hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders and the photographers themselves”.


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