16 Jan

The new season of American Idol aired tonight.  Millions tuned in to see if the new judges would have chemistry and if there would be a potential cat fight.  The cast now includes Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban.  But did they gel?

Well, the first portion of the show seemed to drag on with a “Love Fest” between Nicki and Mariah.  It seemed as though they were forcing them to appear amicable.  In my opinion, it went on a bit longer then it should have and became annoying.  Let’s just focus on the contestants already!

The overall chemistry was lackluster and really made me miss Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. They clearly had more personality, were more polished, and had an immediate connection.  It was hard replacing the special bond between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, but they seemed to step up to the plate on day one.

Unfortunately, it may take more time for this new group of judges.  While they called Randy Jackson “the anchor” at one point, their ship sinks if they count on him.  Obviously he rode the wave with their need for a familiar face, because without Paula and Simon is “flavor” is tasteless.

Keith is easy on the eyes, but needs to have a bit more flair.  However, country fans are surely tuning in to see this hit maker and we know how loyal they are.  It was smart to bring him into the mix, but hoping he can loosen up along the way.

It may take a few shows for them to grow on many of us, but let’s hope fans will stick it out. But if tonight is a reflection of the entire season, we all may be disappointed.  Even Ryan Seacrest seemed a bit bored and unlike his usual self.  Hope he does not leave, or the ship will sink.

Overall they still were 100% better than the judging panel on The X Factor…so they should be able to pull it together.  But it better be before Nicki and Mariah knock each other out.

On another note, the singer who went to Mariah camp,Teena Torres, was a clear standout.  Also loved Christina Isabelle and Ashlee Feliciano who should also go far in the competition.  And if only NIcki would keep the British accent going, it sounded MUCH better than her usual whiny voice.  Special shout out for cancer survivor Evan Ruggiero he was actually good, so wish they would have sent him to Hollywood. 

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  1. Phyllis McGuire

    January 17, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    In my opinion, Nicki started her sarcastic remarks toward Mariah. Nicki and her face expressions should definitely stop. It is not lady like to act immature and childish. Also, she is not a positive role model for young girls around the Globe. I hope this don’t continue throughout the show because I will stop watching season twelve.


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