30 Jan

American Idol may just have found a few more finalist in San Antonio, Texas tonight.  It is the hometown of last years Idol winner Phillip Phillips, and he should be proud.  The high level of quality singers this year, may even beat last years talent which was through the roof.

Once again there were too many incredible singer’s to mention them all, but some really stood out.  My favorites included a couple of amazing male contestants.  The young and confident singer Sanni M’Mairura gave a stellar audition.  His charm and strong stage presence should take him far in the competition.  But one of the most shockingly talented singers was, Adam Sanders, who brought the judges to their feet.  His vocal abilities are on a different level.  If he does not make it to the live show, it would be a crime. Can you say chills?

Now don’t let me forget some of the ladies who also held their own.  Savannah VotionCristabel Clack, Briana Oakley (bullied after being featured on Maury) and Rachel Hale definitely have a chance to sail through to the live show.  They performed well and sounded great…so finger’s crossed.

Another contestant who stood out was the military soldier, who was injured during the war in Iraq.  After having a traumatic brain injury, Matt Farmer, bounced back and not only had a baby, but made it to Hollywood.  While singing the Sam Cooke classic,Change is Gonna Come”,  his raw talent was undeniable.

There was also last years contestant Vincent Powell, who will head back to Hollywood.  Let’s just hope he does not get cut in the last round again. Jesahia Baer was interrupted by a fire alarm but at 16-years old, she was rocking it before they had to evacuate.  Lucky for her she was able to finish her audition and left with a golden ticket.

Of course the most inspirational and surprising audition was given by Micah Johnson. Although his recent surgery for tonsil removal left him with a speech impediment, his singing voice was true perfection.

Last but not least, Matheus Fernandes may be extremely short, but when he sings he is taller than Michael Jordan.

Do you think a winner is already lurking?  I certainly do.


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