31 Jan

American Idol headed to Oklahoma for the first time tonight.  But it may be a city to take off the list next year, because many of the contestants should have never received a golden ticket.

I’m not sure if the judges were in a really good mood, or if the talent was so mediocre, they had no choice but to select a few.  At some point, Nicki, Randy, Mariah and Keith must have hit the bottle or wax in their ears.  Tickets to Hollywood were wasted on most of these singers and they will tank during the next round.

Let’s start with Karl Skinner, while he had a lot of personality, it’s obvious he will get crushed in Hollywood. And Puppet girl Oscar, was slightly annoying and would not have made it through in San Antonio.  It was a good thing she put the dog down and sounded better without him, but by then I did not take her seriously.  Not sure Oscar will go far in the competition and she should have left the puppet at home.

They also gave too much airtime to several horrible singers.  All I could think was make them go away already.  Zoanette Johnson was one of them and while she sang the National Anthem, she did NOT do it justice.  It made me physically ill and I was happy when it ended.  Nicki was obsessed with her?  And she got a golden ticket?  What a joke!

The other contestant on for far too long was Anastacia Freeman, it was not even funny and she was awful.   If they think it was good for ratings, they should think again.  She just would not stop singing, so they must have needed her for a time filler. Toni Braxton was probably sick hearing her song demolished on live TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy a few singers tonight.  Although both of his parents are deaf, luckily Nate Tao actually could sing.  Many parents give their children false hope and comfort them when they get rejected.  It is insane how many contestants show up with proud families and are devastated when they are told they can’t hold a note.  Good thing my mother tells me to shut up when I try singing…hearing the truth is the best route.

The only true highlight of the show, was the back-story about Kayden Stephenson.  He was as cute as they come and one of the few who deserved a break.   It is sad that he has the terminal illness Cystic Fibrosis, so it was great to see him get a golden ticket.  And could actually sing!

Steven Tyler also showed up in drag and surprised the judges.  It was funny and reminded us how much he is missed.  However, it also confirmed that there were so few good singer’s, they had to use him as another filler.

Overall Oklahoma was a bust and San Antonio blew them all away.  Was it just me or did they suck?

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  1. Tom Nefeldt

    February 1, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    I thought Zoanette was an “interesting” contestant, though her true talent is NOT singing. Rest of the show was pretty boring.


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