20 Feb

It has been a busy month for real estate so my time for blogging has been limited.  However, the headline news continues to flow in and clog my brain.  There has been a lot of disappointing and shocking stories lighting up my Twitter feed and it has not gone unnoticed.  The links below provide full details and along with bit of my insight on the madness around us.

Drew PetersonOnce again this master of manipulation headed to court.  It has gone on too long so it will be good to hear when he’s finally locked up for a very long time.  Drew is giving Bolingbrook a bad name….enough is enough!  How many murders can one commit before convicted?

Oscar Pistorius—In a sad turn of events, he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend of only 3 months.  When he had his day in court his announcement that the Valentine’s Day massacre was an accident, was shocking and a huge disappointment.  The Olympic amputee track star was praised by many around the world…to only fall as low as it gets.  What a shame…and I rooted for him!

Jesse Jackson Jr. & Sandi Jackson—They are accused of stealing $750,000 in campaign donations, which they allegedly used for personal gain.  Seriously…buying a Rolex, furs, children’s furniture and other luxury items is a crime!  They plead guilty in court today and hopefully will receive maximum penalty.  These politicians need to take note of corruption around them and realize they are NOT invincible.  SHAME ON THEM!

California Cop Killer- The crazed ex-cop, Ali Syed, went on a rampage killing 3 and then shooting himself in the head.  It was a frightening experience for the victims of his insanity.  But the truly bizarre part of the story is that this came five years after his termination.  His hideout in an old cabin, which was later burned to the ground in a shootout, was more like a movie set.  Who holds on to losing a job for that long and goes ballistic?  This was a senseless crime with a horrible outcome.

Missouri Explosion-An unexpected gas blast occurred at JJ’s restaurant, killing one person and injuring 15.  According to the Gas Energy company; “Early indications are that a contractor doing underground work struck a natural gas line, but the investigation continues”. 

Chicago Murders-My beloved city has had its share of gun violence this year.  But the recent murder of Hadiya Pendleton was tragic enough to bring President Obama home to speak about the heightened crime.  What made this senseless murder worse, is the fact that Hadiya’s sister, Janay McFarlane, was shot and killed the same day the Prez spoke at Hyde Park Academy.  How many more innocent victims need to die before gun control is taken seriously?

On a lighter note, there was also entertainment news which many could probably care less about.  But some of it was interesting and more serious, so still worth a mention.

Adrienne MaloofHousewives’ of Beverly Hills reality star is rumored to be leaving the show.  Originally she was my favorite, but in recent month’s her “snob side” has come to the forefront.  She will definitely not be missed…although Brandi is a loose cannon, Adrienne’s bullying of her is unacceptable.

Justin Bieber Murder Plot- In a mind-boggling plot, a convicted killer hatched a plan to murder the mega singing sensation, and he was busted.  The 45-year-old proclaimed Bieber superfan, Dana Martin, told New Mexico investigators that he hired two men to kill the young pop star, after he did not return his messages.  Now this is probably the worst case of fan stalking and celeb danger in recent memory.  How crazy is this…now celebs need to protect themselves from murderers and the Paparazzi!

American Idol Recap-While the ratings may not be at their peak…the girls have stepped up their game!  The top 20 contestants were selected this week and it will be tough for the judges to narrow it down.  There has not been a female winner on Idol in six years so it is time for some GIRL POWER!

To sum it up…people are closer to the brink of losing their minds.

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