21 Feb

American Idol season 12 is on fire!  The girls stepped up their game during “sudden death” round one in Vegas.  It was a tough call when they narrowed the 10 girls down to 5, but they got it right.  While a couple of early stand-outs were sent home, an incredible array of talent was left standing for the live show.

The ladies rocked it and will give the guys a run for their money.  My personal favorites were Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Adriana Holcomb, Teena Torres and incredible songwriter and singer Angie Miller If you missed her perform an original song make sure to watch above video and be blown away!  Guess I have great taste, because this is your top 5 semi-finalist!

The worst performance of the night was given by Kamaria Ousley….it made me question how she made it this far.  It was a bit sad to see her ship sink in front of our eyes.  Sorry but she sounded HORRIBLE!

Now on to the guys…several actually have a good chance of making top 3, but I am still rooting for the ladies.  After 6 years of a dry spell…it is time for another Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson!   But the guys did not hold back during round two and put on a good fight for the top spots.  The performances were stellar, but only a few really shined when it came to the vocals.

It started with a solid performance by Paul Jolley  but some of the judges beat him up a bit.  He sounded great to me, so not sure I agree with their comments.  However, it was clear that the guys really came alive when my favorite singer of the night, Chicagoan Devin Velez hit the stage.  He put a twist on “Listen” with a Spanish break during the song and tore it up!  Another hometown favorite from Chicago, Curtis Finch Jr, stayed true to his consistent perfection and was a no brainer to sail through.  Charlie Askew also left his fans with something to talk about…coming out of his shell with his quirky behavior.

In the end, the guys were all entertaining, but most sounded better during the earlier round.  The top five guys who will round off the live shows include; Curtis Finch Jr, Elijah Liu, Paul Jolley (thanks to Jimmy Iovine), Charlie Askew, and Devin Valez. The judges pretty much got it right.

This is a great balance of talent and there truly is no front-runner yet…but some of the best singer’s in recent years.

On another note; I really thought Kevin Harris should have made it through.  But JDA going home was the right move.  Was it just me or do you agree?

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