[VIDEO] 2013: Chinese Gov Official Yan Linkun Caught On Tape Trashing Airport After Missing Flight Goes Viral

26 Feb

If this happened in the U.S. this would have caused an uproar.  Can you imagine President Obama or Rahm Emanuel going crazy at O’Hare Airport?  Above video footage shows Chinese Government official Yan Linkun caught on camera trashing an Airport after he missed his flight.

When you look closely, police authorities are in the background but do not step to stop the madness.  According to news reports they were fearful to intervene, because Linkun ranked higher than them.

This guy must have had somewhere really important to go.  Unfortunately for him, now he has to explain this embarrassing situation to higher-ups.  Mr. Linkun is currently in the doghouse and his video has gone viral.  Poor dude is becoming an international sensation for all the wrong reasons.

The sad part about his obvious anger management issues, is that he was traveling with his wife and kids.  How pathetic is it for his children to see him clearly lose his cool?

After taking a closer look, they realized he is a member of China’s  top-level government advisory board CPPCC and cannot believe their eyes.

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