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Published March, 4, 2013

TMZ just tweeted an update on the Michael Jordan scandal.  According to 16-year-old, Taj Jordan, shown in above video, he claims he’s basketball superstar MJ’s secret “love child”.  Well, TMZ announced MJ adamantly denies his story and says…bring it on!  His attorney already filed documents today, requesting the paternity case filed  against him be dismissed.

While MJ is still loved by his Chicago fans along with many around the world, he was in the spotlight before twitter and social media became popular.  Rumors of affairs and extramarital romances during his marriage to Juanita were common, but never truly exposed.  Well…not until now.

It is not surprising that the alleged “baby momma” drama would hit the internet, but it is shocking this is just now surfacing.  Let’s face it, ball players are well-known for playing more than just basketball.  Therefore, we can all expect this type of scenario, even from an NBA legend.

The only real question is why Pamela Smith would suddenly want a paternity test?  Jordan has earned millions over the years and would have certainly paid her off as hush money if it were true…and long ago.  If he fathered my child…I would have went in for child support on day one.

This kid could be yearning for attention or there may be truth to his story.  Whatever the case, he should have been given better guidance on how to address this situation.  His face is now plastered everywhere and if he’s wrong…how embarrassing for a teen.

It’s just another reason celebs need to be careful who they share their bed with at any given time.  They have virtually no privacy and the truth will eventually come out.  I would definitely NOT want to be a celebrity, with all your personal business in spotlight.  MJ will now spend his retirement years trying to defend himself…and it will be interesting to hear the results.  If this information is false, I’m feeling a bit sorry for MJ.  However, I’m not so sure he was all that innocent back in the day…but still idol the guy!

What do you think?  Is MJ the father?  Take a moment to chime in with your comments.  And please remember to subscribe to my blog (look right:).

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