07 Mar

Tonight American Idol announced the top 10 contestants headed to the finals.  It seems that America got it right and I picked 4 out of 5 guys & girls which is not too shabby!

They switched it up a bit this season; telling the singers behind the scenes if they made the cut.  Ryan Seacrest then shared the good news with the audience and judges.  The contestant stepped around the corner to cheers and then gave a celebration performance.  It added to the excitement for audience members, but not sure if it mattered to TV viewers.

The first guy to move forward was Paul Jolley.  He was not really on my radar, but did perform well last night so it’s no huge surprise.  However, my vote was for Vincent Powell (too bad). The remaining guys were on my list to grab a spot and include; Burnell Taylor, Curtis Finch Jr, Devin Valez and Lazaro Arbos.  It was a bit disappointing to hear Lazaro tell the band members to have his back, because he did not learn the last words of his song. 

Now on to the ladies, where I also only slightly off the mark (4 of 5 again…damn I’m good!).  The first to make it through was Janelle Arthur.  She was not on my list, but still deserved to make it.  I just found others to be slightly better, however, it was a toss-up.  The no brainer Candace Glover was the next to receive the good news.  I have had her pegged for the final from the start…so good for her!

It was great to see Angie Miller sail through.  She is a true artist and hopefully she will sing her instant hit once again down the road. One of my favorites Amber Holcomb also got a chair and rocked her celebration song!   Good to see that American nixed my theory that looks do matter.  The two attractive women did not get a free pass, and the final spot went to Kree Harrison.

Who do you think will win it all?  My vote for top spots at this point are;  Burnell Taylor, Curtis Finch Jr, Angie Taylor, Amber Holcomb, and Candace Glover.  But Devin Valez could be the dark horse this year.

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