13 Mar

American Idol truly began tonight with the top 10 contestants hitting the stage.  It’s now up to the fans to vote for their favorites, but was this a good start?

The theme for tonight was songs performed by past idol winners, either from the show or after they began their career.  This allowed for a wide range of possibilities, but as we all know, song choice is key.  However, it was clear many missed the mark when it came to this, even with the help of Jimmy Iovine.

Well, the judges started with flat comments straight out the gate (except Nicki who was late…UGH she could have stayed home).  However, for the first time I must agree with the judges.

Curtis Finch Jr opened the show with a very disappointing performance.  When he shared his song choice was the Fantasia finale hit Believe“, I thought he would knock it out the park.  Unfortunately, he was under pitch and gave his worst vocals of the competition.

It was then Janelle Arthur representing the ladies.  While she did slightly better than Curtis, her performance also did not blow me away.  Then the Chicago bi-lingual singer Devin Velez stepped out of his comfort zone and although it was not horrible, it was not great.

Angie Miller was my hope for a breakout performance and she did not disappoint.  The show finally heated up and this confirmed she could find herself in the finale.  If Angie would just get a new hair style, I could see her being a huge star.

The guy initially not even on my radar, Paul Jolley, actually stepped up his game.  Jimmy was correct telling him he “over sings” and sounds “Broadway”.  But tonight he took his advice and toned it down, while singing a Scotty McCreery repeat.  This was by far his best performance.

One of my favorites, Candice Glover, had a lot to prove tonight.  Her last performance was a step below the others, so I was rooting for her.  Good for us all she was back to perfection, earning a well-deserved standing ovation from the judges (except Mariah because her skirt was too short!). Picking the Jordan Sparks show stopper, was a great choice.  She also looked like a star, with an incredible makeover.

It was good to see Lazaro Arbos continue down a solid road.  He sounded amazing and it’s still shocking that he goes from stuttering to flawless vocals.  The judges did not like his song choice, but I thought he sounded really good. He is truly an inspiration for those with speech impediments…seems like a miracle.

My girl Kree Harrison can do no wrong.  She is consistent and has a raw vocal quality that you have to love. There is nothing stopping her from leading the way into the finals. The new look did her justice and helped her look more like a star, but she did not compromise her authenticity.  Kree is a definite front-runner.

Burnell Taylor is a huge talent and took on the Rubin Studdard song choice.  It was true to his style and fit his voice perfectly.  Although it was a bit safe, he sang it well.  My only concern for him is that there are too many similar singers in the music industry, so not sure he is unique enough.  But hoping he does go far, I really like him.

The final singer of the night, put the icing on the cake.  Amber Holcomb may be a dark horse to pull ahead of the pack.  While she does not fit into the stereotypical glamour girl category…she is a diamond in the rough. I have always loved her voice, however, I’m worried she may find herself like Jennifer Hudson.  Out too soon…but with a huge career ahead of her.

Best performances of the night…Candace Glover and Amber Holcomb.  Least favorite of the night….Curtis Finch Jr (which I never thought would happen).

On another note; do the producers think we are stupid?  Now you can vote 50 times for each contestant, so they can say ONE BILLION people voted.  How crazy do they sound announcing this?

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  1. Tom Nefeldt

    March 13, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    still love Lazaro, Candice and Angie


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