14 Mar

American Idol changed it up a bit tonight.  Not only did they give stats on the contestants, the top 3 singers were also revealed for the first time.  So who made the cut?  Well, it may not be a surprise that the ladies topped the leader board, since they slayed the guys last night.

Let’s start with Devin Valez, he sealed 25% of the votes in Puerto Rico; making him number one there.  Janelle Arthur earned the majority of the votes in Tennessee, with a whopping 30% of the votes.  

Candace Glover not only won the state of South Carolina with a staggering 42% of the votes, she also made the top 3.  This was obvious based on her performance last night and if you recall I said she was the best of the night.

Fan favorite Kree Harrison, got a surprise visit from the Mayor (Ben Bythewood) of Woodville Texas, who gave her a key to the city.  It is her hometown which made it extra special. But to top the icing on the cake, she also received news she too was in the top three.

Lazaro Arbos and Angie Miller went head to head and he beat her in the state of Florida with votes.  However, Angie joined the ladies in the top three.

Breaking down the remaining singers; #4 Lazaro Arbos, #5 Amber Holcomb, #6 Janelle Arthur, #7 Burnell Taylor, and #8 Paul Jolley.  Shockingly enough, Curtis Finch Jr and Devin Valez were in the bottom two.  While they did not perform well last night, they have been top singers from day one. America definitely got this wrong…my pick would have been for Paul to be in the bottom based on the overall season. This goes to show many viewers have just began tuning in.

The first selected to leave the show was Curtis Finch Jr.  It was insane to watch, seeing he was in my original top three to make it into the finals.  Good thing the judges had one save, BUT WAIT…they did not use it!  Who were they saving it for?  All I can say is WOW!  He deserves to be there and it was a crime to see him go home. Nicki Minaj was clearly upset about it and for the first time I was 100% with her.  Let’s just hope he turns into another Jennifer Hudson.

It was great to see all ladies in the top three, but also surprising since the guys seemed stronger early on.  This goes to show that Idol votes can change instantly based on song choice and performance.  Top three Candace, Angie and Kree have been my picks from the start so America got this right.

Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips performed in between to break the ice.  They even let ex-contestant Charlie Askew sing his original song…it was good because many felt bad about how he left the show in an apparent meltdown.  There was also a another visit from Aubrey Cleland to sing a song. This was a first…it’s not even the finale?  But looks like the fans will vote for additional singers to go on tour so they performed for votes.  

Tonight was a complete shock…this should make for an interesting season.  What do you think?


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  1. Tom Nefeldt

    March 14, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    I thought the results were interesting, I agree with the top 3. A bit surprised that Janelle didn’t do a little better, and happy Lazaro hung in there, though last night was not his best. You said “This goes to show many viewers have just began tuning in. ” I think the ratings pretty much show, the over all number of people viewing drops a little bit each week, I’ll have to go dig them out and look. I think Paul is very talented, though I don’t know (or really care) is his sexual orientation, but watching twitter lots of folks thinks he is “too” gay. Adam Lambert was/is outrageous, which played in his favor, Paul is just “stereotypical” no matter if it’s accurate or not.

  2. Barbara Blount

    March 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Here we go again, Idol often send people home, that should have stayed. Is it to gain more votes the next time?? Do the singers really shoose these songs or are they told to say they did, and they sat them up for falure???? I could not beleive the choice. Most of the songs they all sang did not really hit the spot. They all were too slow and boring. Maybe it is me, but Curtis should not have gone. Well, he is going to make it big without Idol.


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