20 Mar


American Idol is down to the cream of the crop.  They have a lot of great singers remaining, which makes it harder to vote anyone off.  But someone has to go…who will it be?

It began with the announcement of the voter’s choice for the “wild card” joining the tour.  The sing-off between Charlie Askew and Aubrey Cleland made for a simple decisionObviously the beauty ruled and Aubrey secured the spot.  But in this case she deserved it….this was not even close. Charlie blew it.

The show featured Beatles songs tonight.  Although they are considered one of the greatest groups of all time…they’re not really my favorite.  Several of their hits songs I really like, but I believe they are a bit overrated.

Then on to the singing competition.  Kree Harrison opened the show with another solid performance.  While the judges gave her great feedback, I was satisfied but not blown away.  She is an amazing singer and should be safe once again, but it was not her best.

Burnell Taylor followed with another perfect song and strong performance.  He has been consistent and his vocals are flawless.  However, tonight it really struck me how unique his voice really is and the judges agreed.  He may be a dark horse to watch…I really like him and hope he gets huge viewer support.

Amber Holcomb sang an unfamiliar Beatles song, but still nailed it.  It would be hard for her to ever sound below par, though the judges were not too thrilled with her tonight.  She still sounded good to me, but I wished she picked a better song.

Lazaro Arbos has been an inspiration throughout the season, but tonight he fell flat.  The judges were hard on him, but unfortunately they were right.  His vocals were not on point and he may be on the bubble.

Candace Glover is a star.  She has stayed consistent and always belts the notes effortlessly. It was more of a rock style song and showcased her huge voice. It was a perfect song for her, so she should be VERY safe.

Paul Jolley has held on for dear life.  He does have a great voice, but for some reason he still seems very “Broadway“.  I could see him on Glee or in Vegas, but not really as a recording artist.  The vocals were good, but I don’t see him going too much further.

Angie Miller is the real artist of the group. She does best with her own original songs, but still seems to shine.    “Yesterday” was a great song choice and she nailed it.  The other positive, was they finally did something with that puffy hair!   Finally…she looked current.

Devin Valez is my Chicago favorite (NO…I’m not bias:).  He should find himself with a long career in the music industry.  His vocals tonight were spot on and he definitely stepped up his game.  It would be surprising if he were in the bottom two this week.  Spanish and English…wow!

Janelle Arthur was the last to perform.  She is a sweet girl and very likable. Country fans are loyal and should take her a long way in the competition.  Tonight I actually liked her better than any other night. This was her best performance in my opinion.

Who’s going home tomorrow night?  If I were to guess, it should be Lazaro or Paul.  Top three tonight…Angie, Burnell and Candace.

On another note, Nicki Minaj has been on my last nerve for a while (did she forget this is live TV!).  Unfortunately, Mariah Carey is starting to get on my other nerve.  She is becoming annoying with her proper voice, so hoping they both leave next season…if there is one.  Guess my mom was right…she never liked Mariah:).  Mother knows best.


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3 responses to “3/20/13: AMERICAN IDOL RECAP & REVIEW; WHO’S GOING HOME?

  1. Tom Nefeldt

    March 20, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Yah Lazaro sucked to night, but still voted mostly for him and Candice (he should have sung “Come Together”) He has a huge sympathy vote, AND he is talented, just a BAD performance. Angie is HOT too.

  2. Cassie Hicks

    March 21, 2013 at 3:28 pm

     Thanks for the report, Britta, and unlike you, I’m loving Ms. Carey a lot more, because of her proper talk. Maybe she’s gone to charm school, when she was younger? Thanks, again, Cassie


    • brittaj

      March 21, 2013 at 3:39 pm

      Thanks Cassie…let me clarify. I love proper but not phony proper:). She repeats herself too! LOL:)


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