24 Mar


This week’s shooting death of a 13-month-old baby by teens, left a mom in tears and the nation enraged.  It brings new meaning to the say….”What’s wrong with people?”   Have they completely lost their minds?

Brunswick, Georgia mom, Sherry West, thought it was a good idea to take her infant for a walk in the morning.  She felt it was safer and less congested on the street, but found out that was not the case.  As she strolled down the block from the post office, in her small tight-knit community, two teens approached her.  They asked  for money while pointing a gun at her.  West told police the unthinkable, the teen then yelled at her “Do you want me to kill your baby?”  As she said “I have no money!” the boy then shot her in the leg and her baby in the head as she screamed in terror.

In the disturbing 911 tapes just released, you hear panic in the voice of a witness who called to report the crime.  The female caller yelled, “the baby has been shot!”, as the operator tries to calm her. She first confirmed the baby was still breathing, but sadly enough the toddler had been shot between the eyes and was not.

Surprisingly enough, this was not the first tragedy experienced by the mom of little Antonio Santiago.    Back in 2008 her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight.  It made her fearful of having other children and she had just garnished the strength to have one.  So to lose another child in a senseless shooting is devastating.  Clearly her words for the killers “I hate you!”, are heartfelt.

The small community of about 15,000 is in complete shock, but has given the grief-stricken mom full support.  Police authorizes checked local school records for absent students and tracked down the alleged shooter and accomplice.  Surprisingly enough it was allegedly 17-year-old, De’Marquise Elkins, and a 14-year-old unidentified boy.

Is the world so wicked that our youth now find no value in even an infant’s life?  This is a scary thought and one seen in futuristic movies made in Hollywood.  They always seem to portray us as a zombie-like society with no feelings in the future….has this already arrived?  Let’s hope not.

Family members deny the boy’s involvement but if it was them, no matter the age….these monster’s need to be put to death.  They obviously have no love in their hearts.  Can we blame it on the violent games and movies, the undeniable epidemic of addiction to prescription drugs, or the parents’ loss of control over their children due to our softer child rearing guidelines?

My heart goes out to mother for her loss…for the baby who died too soon…and the society we have become.


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