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Published 6/9/13

There is a huge debate about gun control and the right to bear arms in America.  Both sides of the fence have strong feelings about how best to move forward.  But with this weeks accidental shooting of a 35-year-old dad, by his 4-year-old son in Prescott Valley, Arizona, it has to break the heart of both parties.

CNN reported that the boy fired a gun he found during a surprise visit to a friend of his father’s home in Arizona.  Apparently Justin Stanfield Thomas, 35, and his son went to an old roommates home on Friday, when the small child saw a gun on a table upon their arrival.  Police say he picked it up, asked the adults what it was and then pulled the trigger.  The single shot hit the dad in the chest and he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving to the hospital.

It is a tragedy and something this child will have to live with for the rest of his life.  While the owner of the gun may not be charged, due to the circumstances, he too will always regret his mistake.  Leaving a gun out is never a good idea, but with them unexpectedly showing up, police may give him a pass.  The friend was an Iraq war Vet and ex-military police officer, but was just waking up when they arrived, so had no time to secure the weapon.

Look, I’m all for our rights and also feel we are being controlled more than ever.  It pisses me off every time I visit the airport and have to take my shoes off and leave my gel behind.  It pisses me off that a Mayor can restrict how much soda I drink.  It pisses me off that I’m forced to wear a seatbelt or pay a fine.  It pisses me off that our cell phone records may be screened.  But this is the world we live in…our rights have been slowly taken away during the past decade.

However, of all the insane rules they have implemented, stricter gun control is just plain common sense.  More people are hooked on prescription drugs and other illegal substances.  It is not the pure simple living of the past and with all the violent video games and lack of respect for life, the freedom to bear arms has new meaning.

If gun owners are responsible and have good intentions for their use of a gun; why should they care if the rules change?  And who really needs a semi-automatic gun?  If I have to take my shoes off due to the insanity of our world, they may need to suck it up as well.

When the constitution was written to allow for the basic right to bear arms, it did not take into consideration our current state of living.  Children were also probably taught early on, not to pick up a gun and shoot it.  It is extremely sad that this boy shot his dad.  But it is just another lesson we must all learn before it finally sticks in our heads.

How many more need to die before the gun rights activist get it?  Not only do we need stricter background checks, but maybe gun safety training should be required.  If you earn the privilege of owning a gun…why not go an extra step to prevent senseless deaths?

Another tragic event happened when a 4-year-old shot his 2-year-old brother…video below.


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  1. Tom Nefeldt

    June 9, 2013 at 11:49 am

    Pretty much agree with all you say, but laws can’t protect us from the stupid. This guy, while I am totally appreciative of his service (Veteran and ex-military police), seems to have lost some “smarts.” WHY leave a gun in plain sight when you go to bed? The perfect scenario for an unarmed burglar breaking in and THEN FINDING a weapon in plain sight.

    • brittaj

      June 9, 2013 at 10:17 pm

      Tom….you are right! Common sense says….put your gun away and out of sight!


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