08 Jul

Published 7/8/13

The city of Chicago may be the home of President Obama, but it’s now receiving national news for all the wrong reasons.   During the 4th of July holiday week the number of shootings skyrocketed; leaving 12 dead and 74 people shot throughout the city (North/South/West Side).  The level of violence is not only senseless, but an embarrassment to local politicians and certainly the police.  Many residents are asking, “When will the violence in Chicago end?”

We certainly do not want to be known as the most violent city in the world, but if this “Wild Wild West” mentality does not end, that is exactly where we are headed.  Who will want to visit our great city after seeing news reports with a staggering number of shootings?  Absolutely no one.

It’s ridiculous that a few bad seeds can bring a city to its knees and cause fear among the masses.  What happened to respecting life and loving one another?  Well, that seems to be a thing of the past and the violent massacres are beginning to look like a scene from a futuristic movie.  Have people finally lost their minds?  They surely don’t seem to care about killing our youth nor the consequences of getting caught.

What can the police do to end the violence in Chicago?  Is it time to legalize drugs to end the turf wars?  Or fight crime with archaic methods like cutting off the hands of a shooter?  That would definitely stop them from shooting a gun.  Prison does not seem to work and more police on the street is not solving the problem.

How did it come to this?  When did the police lose control?  New York city used to be one of the most deadly cities in the country and now is family friendly.  Do we need to implement their policies, they seem to be working to curb violence.  Not sure, but something needs to happen fast.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has implemented a new program using Twitter and social media to catch criminals.  Witnesses can now tweet photos of the crime scene or send them via cell phone.  But is this enough?  Well, at least it is a start.  They say  homicides are down…seriously what does that mean?  One child lost is up…in my opinion!

Maybe the above video should be shared with all of your friends and family to spread the message across the country.  Unfortunately, too many children have died from gun violence and too many parents have had to bury a child.  It’s painful to think that a mom or dad has to put their precious child in the ground.

What will it take to end the shootings in Chicago?  Post your ideas in the comments section…maybe someone in power will read your feedback.  Personally, I am sick of the violence and look forward to it getting under control!

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