21 Aug

It is official…the writer of this vicious letter is going straight to hell!  This week a Canadian family announced that they received an extremely cruel letter aimed at their 13-year-old autistic son.

News outlets reported that the anonymous letter stated several hateful things, including; they should euthanize their son, take action over her “retarded” son, move from the neighborhood, and that noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL! It scares the hell out of my normal children!”.

The letter instantly went viral after being posted on the Twitter account of Brad and MaryLynne Stella, from the country duo The Stellas.  The tweet from @TheStellas read: “This letter was anonymously slipped to our good friend regarding her autistic boy Max. This is appalling.”  Their famous daughters then tweeted more about the situation, causing outrage around the World.

Canadian mom, Karla Begley, went public and was in tears when she described how she felt reading it.  Who wouldn’t feel pain reading someone wants you to kill your own innocent child?  There are so many parents with children affected by this illness and trying to cope.  No worries…support is what Karla has received since then.  Do you know how many children are autistic?  ALOT!

It’s a sad day when someone with a child with disabilities is targeted with so much hate.  Police authorities claim that this is not a “hate crime“, but seriously, it is exactly that.

Obviously the author of this ridiculous letter lives on their block…let’s hope they find out who, so they can be targeted with hate mail.  I’m sure they will NOT like how it feels to receive such a painful letter.

On a positive note; maybe this will cause more awareness when it comes to Autism.

What do you think?  Does whoever wrote this letter deserve a severe punishment?

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